Beth's Summer Book Club Schedule for The Q and The Beast of Ten

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I hope it's a good morning for you all. It's a beautiful one for me. I'm sitting outside while the hummingbirds are flitting about. Various other birds are being quite conversant and a soft sun is filling the garden. I'm actually very fond of Monday mornings, this morning is no exception.

I wanted to post the remaining schedule for my Summer Book Club! It's been fun to see the participation with The Books of Imirillia, and it should be enjoyable to finish off with The Q and The Beast of Ten.

The original plan was to begin The Q today, but at the end of July my father-in-law passed away, and so there have been many important things going on, including his funeral at the end of last week. As a result, I was able to finish The Wanderer's Mark week, but did not have what needed to be ready for The Q. So. If you'll all be patient, we're going to start The Q next Monday instead of today. I hope that doesn't throw anyone off! If you were planning on jumping in today, go for it!!! You can get going and already be in the know by the time the blog posts are up next week! It's always a good day to travel to Rhysdon. The readjusted schedule is below:

The Q : August 13th - 18th

The Beast of Ten : August 20th - 25th 

In the mean time, if you read The Books of imirillia, reviews are very helpful! If you wouldn't mind posting your thoughts to Amazon (and if you have goodreads you can post the same review) on each of the book titles, that is a very helpful way to get the word out.

Thanks for your patience!