The Summer Book Club Introduces THE Q

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Welcome to the Summer Book Club's week of reading THE Q! The ebook is one sale this week so send out the link and get your friends to join you!

I know a number of people have been waiting for this week! (Or have already jumped ahead, which is great!) In that spirit, let's get started. It will be a fun week of posts and details and insights. Remember, if you have any questions, you can ask me here or on facebook or through email.

Now, by way of introduction...I'm not going to give much of an introduction. Grin. Because when traveling to some places one wants introductions and recommendations and directions and people telling you what you must see. But sometimes, sometimes, you sense that the expressions of humanity and architecture and culture, the noise and streets and slanted tucks and corners, the parks and cathedrals, the people--as varied and interesting as their surroundings--are meant to be discovered without proper introduction. That they are meant to be found, guided only by whimsy, delight, intrigue, and, possibly, fate. That's how it was for me when, with passport in hand, I traveled to Rhysdon for the first time, finding the offices of The Q and a one Quincy St. Claire, perched on a stool behind her counter, busy at work, hardly noticing I was there at all. It was by following Quincy that I was led far deeper into the workings of Rhysdon than I ever could have on my own. And what I found there was a story not quite like any other.

Welcome to the world of The Q. I'm glad to have you along.