Map of Aemogen

If you've been reading The Queen's Gambit with the book club, you might now be on the battle run, so I thought it was a good time to post the map! 


This map would be found in monarch's personal records on Ainsley Rise, and at the beginning of Queen's Gambit would be around ninety years old. I imagine that when Eleanor is working out matters of state (when she isn't in the garden) that she gazes at the fens on this map.

As far as the modern day creation, I sketched the map of Aemogen on 40lb watercolor paper. Afterward, the artist Phillip Jackson ( @pjacksonart ) inked over my pencil lines with beautiful precision.

One unexpected result from having worked on the maps for the Books of Imirillia, was discovering I loved doing the cartography for my books. Since then I've been experimenting with different styles. I have a map of Rhysdon (from The Q) drawn up, but not quite to my satisfaction, so I haven't completed it yet.