A Queen's Gambit Pinterest Board

I put this together over the weekend, images that remind me of The Queen's Gambit. Because pictures, pictures, pictures. And now that I'm back in the Pinterest game, I'll be adding more to it over time...

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 10.00.12 AM.png

Here's the link for the full Pinterest board! I did try and put a one line description on each one.

I do have an image that reminds me a bit of Wil Traveler, but I haven't put it on because I can't decide if it's too specific or not. (You know? Each reader had their own character and no image of a person is ever meant to be the definitive answer for what a character may look like.) But, then again, some readers might find it helpful! There is an painting of a young red headed girl to represent Eleanor, but not necessarily be her. Perhaps that picture of Wil Traveler will be posted on the pinterest for the next book.

What do you think of the board? Any images you would add?