Map of the Imirillian Continent

I posted the Aemogen map last week, so I thought it would be good to post the map of the entire continent. Seeing it makes one realize that Aemogen is going up against an almost impossible foe. But fate does not turn on sheer might alone, so we will see how The Ruby Prince and The Wanderer's Mark unfold...


Fun fact about this map: it is mostly correct. The names and places certainly are, and the proportions of the nations, but the ancient cartographer who put pen to paper miscalculated a few things. (Not to a drastic level, but still.) 150 years later, a slightly more accurate map of the continent was produced.

The Summer Book Club Introduces THE RUBY PRINCE


There are spoilers in this post!!! If you have not read The Queen's Gambit, you can find it here.

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Irony is the province of every culture, Your majesty,” Basaal said, his voice turning sharp. “Not just of one’s own.

There is not a moment for breath between the ending of The Queen's Gambit and the beginning of The Ruby Prince. The final chapter in Gambit and the first chapter in Prince are simply two pieces of the same scene. You hit the ground running. Eleanor has managed to win the game, for now. But what happens to the pieces swept off the chess board?

Welcome to The Ruby Prince. 

My writing process is immersive. I feel like I'm splitting dimensions, knowing I have a life here, but following the characters into other places as solid beneath my feet as anything. I remember a particular day. I was writing the part of the story where The Ruby Prince begins. My husband came home late from work only to be dragged outside for a walk, for I needed to anchor myself. My heart was racing, I could feel a current running through me, and it was time to pull myself home before I tipped too far into that world.

But the I remained there for a bit longer, inside that tent, watching, listening. And as Kip and I were walking in the warmth of the summer evening, I turned to him and said, "One of my characters just said, 'Irony is the province of every culture, not just of one's own.'"

"That's great," Kip replied. "What is happening in the scene?"

"I can't tell you."

Kip glanced at me with a half-smile, then looked away. "Okay. I'll wait."

And over the following months I traveled to Zarbadast and became sort of resident there. Readers have told me that they, too, got lost in the allure of that city. For many, it has become a favorite part. I'm curious to see how the journey will be for you. But take care upon entering that hauntingly beautiful place. Keep your eyes open, and your step quiet. To be caught unaware never bodes well in Zarbadast.

And so week two of Beth's Summer Book Club begins. 

You can pick up The Ruby Prince here.

Queen Eleanor’s gambit worked. Aemogen, for now, has been spared from the ruthless Imirillian army. But Eleanor is still a captive, and Prince Basaal is taking her into the North. As Eleanor is swept through the deserts of Imirillia to the magnificent city of Zarbadast, she begins to understand the contradictions Basaal must negotiate beneath the reign of the sadistic Emperor Shaamil.

Having returned home, Prince Basaal again finds himself at war with his own conscience. Under the scrutiny of his father, the pressure of his brothers, and a fierce loyalty to his own people, Basaal doubts his ability to fulfill his impossible promise to Aedon: to help Eleanor escape.

In a rich telling of culture, ritual, and choice, The Ruby Prince draws on the complexity of what honor means to both Eleanor and Basaal, who find themselves together, yet set against one another, in the enigmatic court of Zarbadast.

Beth Brower's Summer Book Club

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It's high summer, when the heat is sticky or abrasive, and the swirl of activity is tipping wildly to the side. We've all had holidays and parties, with maybe a few more before settling into the mellow swing of August, and then school. In other words, there's no better time for reading. Sitting down with a glass of something cool or a dish of something sweet, and turning page after page. In the spirit of such reading, I've decided to have some fun with my books! So this is how it goes...

On July 16th, The Queen's Gambit ebook will drop down to $0.99 for the week. And there will be a blog post with a few thoughts on the book, a link to the soundtrack, some quotes and answers to any questions you want to send me on facebook or by email, which I can answer on a blog post. (If it's spoiler-alertish, send it by e-mail.) Then the next Monday, it will be time for The Ruby Prince, and we begin again!

If you've read all the books? Great! They were written so that the second read would be just as good, if not better. If there is one you haven't read? Perfect! Jump into the book club for that week! Invite a friend! Coming in late? No problem! We're not too rigid on schedule here. Speaking of schedules...

July 16th The Queen's Gambit

July 23rd The Ruby Prince

July 30th The Wanderer's Mark

August 13th The Q

August 20th The Beast of Ten  

I'll keep you posted on instagram & facebook. Hope to see you on Monday! Also, submit some of your favorite summer reads and I'll keep a tally of titles to share!





I write, walk, think, and drive to music. This spills over into my writing, and so most of the books I'm working on have their own playlist. Some of these songs became part of the soundtrack while I was still in the first draft. Some found their way in while I was writing the second, or third, or even the seventh. A few came after all the words were set on the page. All of the songs either matched a scene, or a setting, an emotion, or the intangible ties between characters. Maybe this is the soundtrack for you. Maybe it isn't. If there is a song that you feel resonates with your reading of the book, please let me know! I'd love to hear. 


TRACK ONE - The Blood of Cu Chulainn by Jeff Danna & Mychael Danna                                    

{My title? The Queen's Gambit} 

*If there was a movie trailer for The Queen's Gambit, this would be the song. I have listened to this hundreds of times while driving through the mountains to work, thinking of Aemogen. 

TRACK TWO - The Cry of The Celts by Ronan Hardiman 

{My title? The Battle Run.}

TRACK THREE - Smaointe... by Enya

{My title? Eleanor tells of Edith and Shaamil}

*This song most clearly ties into the scene when Eleanor and Wil are on the cliffs by the Fortress of Anoir, and their conversation there. It becomes the theme for the things they discussed, and winds through all three books. 

TRACK FOUR - Celtic Lands clip {from 1:33 - 2:57} clip by Kurt Bestor

{My title? Wil falling for Eleanor falling for Wil falling...}

*The edit is important. It's just that moment, in the middle of the song. I made myself this clip of just of this section so I could listen to it on repeat. Over and over. And over.

TRACK FIVE - Lord of the Dance by Ronan Hardiman

{My title? Aemogen Gathers}

*In my mind, this is the song for the ceremonial dance that Edythe leads at the end. 

TRACK SIX - Gypsie by Ronan Hardiman

{My title? I Must Go}

*"The gift of a dance."  If you've read the book, you know. 

TRACK SEVEN - World Spins Madly On by The Weepies.

{My title? The Regrets}

*The rain that came after the dance...both of them waking in different places, and the cold, misty morning reality of what that means. 

TRACK EIGHT - Desert Rose by Sting

{My title? The Ruby Prince}

*If there were a movie trailer for The Ruby Prince, this would be the song. 

TRACK NINE - Ancient Lands by Ronan Hardiman

{My title? The Deserts of the North}

TRACK TEN Light of Life by Harry Gregson-Williams

{My title? The Allure of Zarbadast}

TRACK ELEVEN - Exile by Enya

{My title? The Distances}

*Eleanor's theme throughout. 


Invisible by U2

*Basaal has some theme songs. This is one of them.    

{The rest of the soundtrack will be posted with the release of The Wanderer's Mark!}

What do you think? Do any of them work for you? Do you give books you read songs or soundtracks? Let me know!