Soundtrack for THE Q

Spoiler Alert: This is the soundtrack for the entire book, so if you're not quite finished, beware that there might be some light spoilers ahead.


I hope you've been enjoying your time in Rhysdon! But now it's time to add some music to the mix! I've listened to this soundtrack many times but it's been a little while now, so I look forward to playing it through again. If you'd like to join me, you can find The Q's soundtrack here.

Also, I am in the process of transferring this page into a play list on Spotify (which allows you to register for free). Cheers! 

Where On Earth Is Rhysdon?


Many readers have wondered where exactly is Rhysdon, as there was no map included in the book. Well, there are several clues found in the pages of the clue. It's a bit of a game. For example: James Arch, traveling to London, mentions he will be crossing both channels. That is because Rhysdon is the capital city of an island nation called Greater Rhysdon. We know from The Q that it has its own monarchy and its own government, and while there are influences similar to both England and France, it also claims its own culture. I put a map below, a temporary thing until I can work up an official map from 1898, but it gives you the location of Greater Rhysdon and its place in Western Europe. We will, of course, get to know some more details because of a current project. Until then, enjoy the map below!

Untitled_Artwork (34).jpg

Is it where you expected it to be? Let me know!



THE Q Pinterest Board

Putting together a Pinterest board for The Q was hard! Because Rhysdon (and the country where it resides) is not London, England or Paris, France or Vienna, Austria... It has some commonalities, and some differences, of course. But, you know... Also, the characters. The fashion of Rhysdon had its own twist, separate from London and Paris of the late 1890's, so I couldn't pull too many paintings. To say nothing of Quincy's wardrobe. The moral of the story is, I will have to do a lot of sketches to add to the board over time, so I can really capture the place. Also, the offices of The Q. There's nothing out there quite like it. 

That being said, I had so much fun! There is still more to add, but we've got some good bones. And I'll just have to get to work for the rest.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 1.48.46 PM.png

Do you have any pins you would add? Let me know what you think. You can find the Pinterest board here!