The Summer Book Club Introduces The Wanderer's Mark

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I stood on my sister's porch, waiting for her to open the door. She had finished reading the drafts of The Queen's Gambit and The Ruby Prince. and I was here to deliver the rest of the tale. Pressed against my chest, I had the printed pages of The Wanderer's Mark. When she answered the door, I handed her the pages and said, "Good luck." 

And so we begin The Wanderer's Mark. (Available here!)

While The Ruby Prince surprised me, I don't know if and how I could have been prepared for the journey of The Wanderer's Mark. Eleanor stands on a precipice. Basaal stands on a precipice. And they are flung into depths they never could have imagined. There is desperation and the hungry darkness of despair. There is hope, however stripped and flung about. There is memory. There is determination. There is uncertainty. There is faith. There is the sinking reality that life was never expected to turn in such directions. But, ah. It is here we find the unbounded journeys in the wilderness of the soul. For it is when forced beyond any reasonable expectation that one finds the metal in their bones.

If you are just beginning The Wanderer's Mark, I say, good luck and good journey.

"Beth Brower writes amazingly complex feelings and imbues her characters with such depth, that you simply are compelled to be drawn into their lives. Wanderer’s Mark will leave you breathless at the emotions it wrenches from you"

                                   - Karen, reader review