Soundtrack for The Wanderer's Mark!!!

Hey all! Now that the book has been out a week I'm celebrating by posting the rest of the soundtrack! Now remember, there might be some slight spoilers in the descriptions and so BE YE THEREFORE WARNED that if you continue and you have not read the book, you might see something you don't want to see. Okay. Ready to hear how the journey ends?  Let's go. 


TRACK THIRTEEN - Fallen Embers by Enya

{My Title? Fallen Embers is very appropriate.}

*Loneliness, longing, remembrances, and the impossible road ahead. These lyrics though. Sigh. "How far we are from morning. How far we are. And the stars shining through the darkness. Falling in the air." How far from morning, indeed. 


TRACK FOURTEEN - Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie, performed by The Boston Pops

{My Title? When Basaal slept that night he saw the fall of the Imirillian Empire}

*I wrote this scene while listening to this piece of music. It was late at night, cold coming in from around the window, and just the lamps were lit in the living room. And suddenly there it was, a dream, a vision. And it was Basaal's. As the music played it captured the strange, surreal feeling of what I was witnessing. It conveyed the curious beauty and an aching melancholy, a mourning, for what will, at some point in time, pass away into dust. 

"Basaal opened his eyes."


TRACK FIFTEEN - Boadicea by Enya

{My Title? When One Prepares A Nation For War}

*All of the most impossible emotions, the sternest hopes, the desperate realizations, and the courage to march into darkness. 


TRACK SIXTEEN - Tempus Vernum by Enya

{My Title? The Tumult of War}



TRACK SEVENTEEN - Deora Ar Mo Chroi by Enya

{My Title? Without Words}

*The way that battle breaks down meaning, the alternately numb and acutely alive reckonings of the day. And more...much more. 


TRACK EIGHTEEN - The Princess Pleads...   by James Horner

{My Title? "She Wept With Him."

*This scene 


TRACK NINETEEN - Solace by Enya

{My Title? The Way of Mourning}



TRACK TWENTY - The Book of My Life by Sting

{My Title? I would probably keep The Book of My Life at this point.}

*I did not think of this song as I was writing the first few drafts, though I've had the album since its release date, but then I was listening and the anguish and wonder and difficulty and release of Basaal's journey came pouring out. heart. I thought, yes, this song. This song is part of it all. 


TRACK TWENTY ONE - Arms by Christina Perry

{My Title? Ending Credits}

*And well. Eleanor. And both of them.