Thoughts on Gratitude and Hope

Photo by Aaron Thompson. In my library. 

Photo by Aaron Thompson. In my library. 

It is Tuesday night, one week after the release of The Queen's Gambit. 

Can I just say thank you?  Well. Thank You!!!  ALL of you. This troop of people who saw my book and picked it up! All the people who shared it on Facebook, or Instagram, or just talked about it with a friend. It's been such a great week. Everyday there has been something to make me smile, to add charm and wonder to the day. The Queen's Gambit has started making it's way out into the world, and the last few days I've been getting some great reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads! A few of them have had me grinning for an unhealthy amount of time. I'm so excited that I've found some of my readers {that's my goal, to find my readers} and that they are excited, and ready to see what happens in The Ruby Prince. {A lot happens.} {Prepare yourself for April.}

I'm just so thankful for it all. It's such a dream to be here, to be writing, to be working on my books. To be able to write out these stories. The characters are patient with me, for which I too am grateful. But, I do put in my time to try and get all their moments right, just how they happened. 

I have great hopes for the months ahead. I hope The Queen's Gambit keeps getting out there, keeps getting picked up. I hope people are ready to read The Ruby Prince in April and then The Wanderer's Mark come summer. I hope that this journey of being an author is what I have always thought it would be. I think so. I don't think I've considered it unrealistically. {We'll see!} But, I do believe in charm, and goodness, and beauty in the timing of things. Even when you hit the hard bumps along the way. 

So. Here's to Gratitude and Hope. And all of you. 


{Speaking of gratitude, here are a few reviews to represent the many kind words readers have written about The Queen's Gambit this first week. If you're interested in reading them, keep reading below.}

 "I can't wait to see more of what Ms. Brower will do. From the way she slowly reveals the spine of her characters while not allowing them to be boring and flat, to the beautiful description of the histories of this fictional land. I was very happy to read that I only have to wait until spring to continue." {On Amazon}

"So happy I checked out Angieville last week when she mentioned her friend Beth Brower had written this great book. I trust Angie with my whole heart so I bought it even though Angie had not yet reviewed it. I cannot even tell you exactly why I love this book so much except to say it's smart and the characters are so well drawn and lovely. It kind of reminds me of 2 of my favorite authors, Sherwood Smith or Megan Whalen Turner. The story of a young queen's dilemma regarding her country's ability to fight/withstand an enemy invasion is heartfelt and heartbreaking while optimistic and, even at times, funny and sweet. And, the romance, it is the SLOWEST of slow-burn and achingly impossible, but I'm so rooting for these two...please Ms Brower, please find a way for a happy ending! 
One of the best parts of this trilogy is that the author is releasing all 3 books over 2016 so no agonizing waiting (well at least not years of it) to find out what's next. Since this book ends with our couple in quite a bit of trouble, I really can't wait to find out what's next. So glad I only have to wait until April."  {On Goodreads}

{Thanks for the kind words!}