Finishing a good year is like finishing a great book. And 2015, you were a pretty great read. A bit unexpected at times, and not how a book usually should end. But, I think it was great. And as it's the prequel to was just right. 

And, that being said, today we picked up a new one. A fresh book. 365 days for the characters to be introduced, the plot to be revealed, and the situations to play themselves out. I hope to bend over the corners of several days that were extra special, and mark a few moments of beauty here and there. Or take a mental picture of a perfect dialogue exchange. I'm looking forward to you, 2016. I'm expecting you to be a year of changes, and working hard, and getting excited about doing the things I've always wanted to do. And enjoying the wonder that is life. I'm also excited for flowers. I hope to plant a lot of flowers.