The process of making this map was really exciting and one I plan to repeat. I drew the map in pencil on watercolor paper, and once all the lines were set, my friend and artist, Phil Jackson, inked over all the lines by hand. Afterward, Ben Unguren took the digital file we made of the original inked map {now framed and hanging on my wall} and digitally created the look at texture of an old, discolored document, that has been folded a time or two. Kevin Cantrell, the designer of the incredible covers, contributed the border. 

You will notice there are a few countries and places on the map that were not mentioned in the first three books. Well, that's because it's a rather large continent, and the story of Queen's Gambit, Ruby Prince, and Wanderer's Mark, didn't yet touch on those places. But, I am in the process of writing another three books that takes place on the Imirillian continent 40 years later. If we were worried in the first three books, the next three might just push us over the edge.